In the world of competitive team and individual sports, one can always use an advantage. At Iron Bridge Athletics, our Athletic Advantage program is designed to provide your student athletes the explosive power, strength, and speed necessary to pull away from their competition. In this program, we place an emphasis on developing upper body strength, lower body power, and explosiveness. We teach student athletes how to generate power from the hip joint, and to how to produce speed and agility to improve their coordination.


Athletic Advantage is designed to be utilized by two groups: parents and coaches.


Registering a student athlete mirrors personal training. Contact us to provide a little information about your athlete. After that, each athlete is given a movement assessment.


Once we see where your athlete falls in the fitness spectrum and discuss their goals, we craft a program specific to their sport. Your student athlete will work with our well-trained, background checked, and professional coaches on a three-day per week program. Each hour-long session is $80.00 and the month must be paid in advance. This is not a recurring charge; you may evaluate where the student athlete is at the end of each month. If you are not seeing the desired results, the membership and programming can be discontinued at the start of a month. If you are interested in seeing your son or daughter excel on the field of play, please contact us and let’s get their plan started!


Do you need to push your team in a different direction? Maybe you are looking for an off-season program that focuses on power, speed, and agility. If this is what your team needs, let us work with you to craft a program that will work for your team! Our staff will work with you to design a sports-specific program that will help your athletes become more dynamic and mature. No two Athletic Advantage programs will look the same. To provide your team with the Athletic Advantage they deserve, contact the Iron Bridge Athletics staff today and we will meet with you and develop a solution.


Iron Bridge Athletics also offers Nutritional Coaching with our Wellness Coach, Erin Green. Nutrition is often the forgotten piece of the puzzle when it comes to athletic performance. Coach Erin will teach your student athletes how to measure their macronutrients and track their food intake to create a well-balanced approach to nutrition. Coach Erin utilizes an easy-to-use, no fee app that allows parents and coaches to ensure their athlete is receiving nutrients they need to grow and perform. If you would like to add nutritional coaching to your individual student athlete or for your team, please contact Coach Erin.


Throw out any ideas you may have of a 'normal' gym, because that is not the case at Iron Bridge Athletics. We are a community of people who push others to be their very best both in and out of the gym. The supportive atmosphere cannot be replicated and is shown through the friendships formed between our athletes.


We work with people of all ages, sizes, and experience. Our goal is to change the lives of every person who steps foot in the door.


Iron Bridge Athletics is continually growing to serve the greater Charleston area. Our net includes, ladies' group training, personal training, Athletic Advantage, Corporate Wellness, and Iron Bridge CrossFit.



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