Looking for a fun way to switch up your weekly workouts and build raw strength? Our Strong (Wo)Man Training may be for you. Join us on Sunday's from 2-3:30 p.m. ET at our location in West Ashley. Please contact us with any questions or to join our Strong (Wo)Man Program.


This training program is full of simple, scalable movements that allow a person to move relatively large loads of weight from point A to point B. Strong (Wo)Man Training is functional and builds strength and endurance.

The strongman style of training involves heavier lifts and lower-intensity conditioning (don't worry - you won't be running miles on end), which mesh together as a great supplement to any training regimen!

This program is for anyone, regardless of physical fitness level. Need to move furniture, pick up children, or increase your overall physical fitness? Come check it out!  Our class is on Sunday from 2-3:30 p.m. ET. A typical class will entail a strength/skill, a conditioning circuit, and conclude with mobility training to ensure your muscles are recovering properly.


Specific types of equipment and movements involved in our Strong (Wo)Man programming include: Atlas stones, tires, deadlifts, pressing movements, odd--shaped carries and presses, sled pushes and pulls, yokes, sandbags and dumbbells.



The brains of our Strong (Wo)Man training is Coach Erin Green. Erin is a certified personal trainer, CrossFit L1 Coach and Nutrition Coach. She is also certified in mobility training. With her background and training, Erin approaches fitness from a functional point-of-view. Her goal is to increase the overall health and wellness of every athlete she coaches. Passion exudes during each of her classes where she pushes and encourages athletes to challenge themselves.

Erin's background includes strongman training, CrossFit, mud runs, Ragnar races, competitive swimming and more.

Learn more about Coach Erin.



Iron Bridge Athletics Members:

  • $20 single drop-in pass

  • $100 for a 6-class punch card

  • $180 for a 12-class punch card


*No expiration date

Non-Iron Bridge Athletics Members:

  • $25 single drop-in pass

  • $130 for 6-class punch card

  • $230 for 12-class punch card


Throw out any ideas you may have of a 'normal' gym, because that is not the case at Iron Bridge Athletics. We are a community of people who push others to be their very best both in and out of the gym. The supportive atmosphere cannot be replicated and is shown through the friendships formed between our athletes.


We work with people of all ages, sizes, and experience. Our goal is to change the lives of every person who steps foot in the door.


Iron Bridge Athletics is continually growing to serve the greater Charleston area. Our net includes, ladies' group training, personal training, Athletic Advantage, Corporate Wellness, and Iron Bridge CrossFit.



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